Tuesday Clubnights postponed

Hi All,


With the redevelopment plans beginning next Monday 25th March, the committee have decided to postpone Tuesday evenings Clubnight until this phase of the development is complete.


This will give members an opportunity to book their own social games on Tuesdays whilst the redevelopment is taking place.

Depending on when the court works are complete, Clubnight will be either back on 9th or 16th April and the first Clubnight back will be available to Grade 2s & 3s to book.


Further updates will be communicated closer to the time.


Kind regards,


BLTC Committee 


P.S Just a reminder when booking Courts during this time:

We are again asking you to please bear in mind court availability for all members will be reduced while works are in operation. We are asking that members do not pre book no more than three hours per week during this time to ensure all members have a fair chance of playing during court redevelopment works. Of course there will be no issues booking a court on the day if there are no pre bookings for certain time slots. Also there will be exceptions for the Winter League teams as we understand that the teams will need training time on court as the knock-out stages start soon.

Again, can we just take this opportunity to remind members that courts should only be booked under the names of the people using the courts. Also and we cannot stress this enough, if you are not using your court, no matter what the weather is like, you MUST cancel the court booking. We will be monitoring this carefully from now on. It is unfair to keep the court when other members may be looking for a court. 


Written by BLTC Staff Member

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March 21, 2024

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