Our Offering

Winter League

Most popular league,  the competition throughout the winter for all the participants. 


Grading system for all over team members based on the matches played & tournament’s won

Summer League

Another popular league, it has close to 6 events for all grades of player


Supervise all senior open tournaments and promote healthy competitive participation

Spring League

Close to 2 events consisting of all grade players


Promotes tennis for people with disabilities, catering during tournament’s etc. 

Singles Ladder

In 2011 a singles ladder was set up in Bishopstown LTC.  This is a great opportunity to play some singles against people that you might not normally get opportunity to play and improve fitness. For new members it is also a good way to get to know people in the club that play at your level.

In the ladder you will part of a group of 4 of 5 players and you will be required to play each of the other players in the group within a set period of usually around 1 month. The match consists of normal advantage games and the first player to reach ten games wins the match. At 9 games all a tie break is played. The players that gain the highest games totals gain promotion and those with the lowest are demoted.

The current ladder is posted on the noticeboard in the clubhouse and on Acebook.


External Leagues

Winter League
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This competition runs from November through to March. The league is divided into different grades from ITN4/Munster Grade 1 to ITN9/Munster Grade 6. Teams consist of two men and two ladies.

Teams are normally arranged into league sections of 4 teams and home and away fixtures are played against each of the teams in the league section. For the higher grades play consists of singles, mens/ladies doubles and mixed doubles and for the lower grades mens/ladies doubles and mixed.

The top two ranked teams in each group normally then go on to the knockout stage of the competition.

Cork Regional League
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This completion runs in the Spring and there is a ITN4 to ITN6 (Munster grade 1, 2 and 3) competition and an ITN7 to ITN9 (Munster grade 4, 5 and 6) competition. There are 6 players per team with a mixed pairing from each grade. The matchplay consists of mixed doubles.

The first phase of the competition normally consists of playing either a home or away fixture against the other teams in a group of three or four. Group winners go on to a knockout stage.

Summer Cup
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This is a team knockout competition run over the summer months. Teams from all grades can participate and there are competitions for all male or female teams and mixed teams. Play consists of doubles, mixed and singles depending on the competition and grade entered.

Please consult the Tennis Ireland Munster branch website for details of the competitions

If you are interested in playing on a team then please let a member of the Tournament Committee know and keep an eye on the Captain’s notice board for further details.


Internal Ladder

In the spring and winter internal leagues are organised on Tuesday evenings. These are graded doubles league competitions run over 4 to 6 weeks.

The format of play depends on the level and number of entries but normally consists of mens/ladies doubles and mixed doubles. Matches are organised each week with the tournament committee organising partners and opponents. Each player accumulates points for games won each week.

By entering the internal leagues the player is required to commit to play each week for the duration of the league.  If a player cannot attend a match then the player should organise his or her own substitute.

Details of the leagues and sign up forms will be posted on the Captain’s notice board several weeks before the commencement.

The club also runs one off Team Competition nights where members just commit to playing in a team of 4 -2 men and 2 ladies on one Tuesday evening. The teams are assigned on the night and the play consists of mens/ladies doubles and mixed.

Open Competitions

The success of the competitions is down to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the club and the accommodating nature of tournament organisers. We do provide catering and is available throughout these tournaments, the club is renowned for its high standard of food! The tournaments are run using the Tournament Software program which facilitates online entry and allows draws to be published online, 

Tennis Ireland Senior open calendar
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Please follow the link below to view and enter tennis irelands open competitions.

Bishopstown Senior Open Doubles
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At the beginning of May Bishopstown holds the senior doubles open week.  This is one of the first of the Cork opens in the calendar year and has attracted large entries of over 300 players in previous years. There are mens, ladies and mixed doubles competitions for  ITN4 (Munster grade 1) through to ITN9 (Munster Grade 6) .

Checkout our senior open doubles winners 2013 here & our photo gallery.

Bishopstown Open Veteran Doubles
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In October the club holds its Veteran doubles open completion for the over 35 year old players. The competition caters for a wide range of age groups from the Junior Vets (over 35) competition to the Super Vets (men over 65, ladies over 60). There are also ITN7/8 (Munster Grade 4/5) over 35 year old doubles competitions.

Checkout our veterens open doubles winners 2013 here & our photo gallery.

Club Close Championships

The club close championships is run in September each year and members compete against each other in singles doubles and mixed graded competitions to try to get their names engraved on the club’s trophies.

Grading for the competitions is at the discretion of the tournament committee and the committee also assigns doubles pairings based on recent & past form. The competition is usually run over a week and all members from all levels are encouraged to enter.

There is always a good atmosphere in the competition and it brings out the competitive edge in members!

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Adult Beginner's Course

Welcome to the club !

Check out this document that provides information for new members. For our coaches availability check out this document

If interested in joining our beginners course, please register your name on our waiting list page or contact us through any communication medium available from our contact page.

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Welcome Event

The committee and coaches hold welcome events when there is demand with the idea of getting new members to meet other new and existing members in order to integrate into the club. Coaches are hand during these events to show beginners the basics and give new members with some previous playing experience hints and tips on how to improve their technique. Committee members will also be available to answer any questions and explain how the club works over a welcoming cuppa! Currently working on a new information pack for beginners.

Coaching Courses

The coaches also run courses for new members and beginners over the year to help learn how to play tennis, improve fitness and technique. Basic skills such as gripping the racket, stroking the ball, where to stand and rules of the game will be taught to the players who are just starting to play tennis. These courses are also a great opportunity for meeting other new members of similar standard and getting games arranged. Details of the welcome events and coaching courses will be posted on the noticeboards and we will attempt to contact new members directly when possible.

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