Child Protection Safeguarding at BLTC

At BLTC, we prioritize the safety and well-being of children. Our dedicated staff, both volunteers and employees, work under the guidance of our National Governing Body (NGB) Safeguarding Policies to create a safe environment for young athletes to grow and develop in sports.

At BLTC, we place utmost importance on the well-being and safety of children. We are dedicated to creating a secure environment for young people to thrive and develop within the realm of sports. To ensure this, we strictly adhere to the safeguarding policies set forth by our National Governing Body (NGB), and our staff, including both volunteers and employees, are committed to upholding these guidelines.

We firmly believe in the significance of childhood, and it is crucial that everyone involved in tennis understands and values this notion. When it comes to children’s sports experiences, we prioritize their needs above all else. Our adults possess a fundamental understanding of the emotional, physical, and personal requirements of young individuals, thereby ensuring their well-being.

Integrity plays a vital role in the relationships between adults and children in our tennis community. As adults, we hold positions of trust and influence, and it is our responsibility to treat children with utmost integrity and respect. By doing so, we aim to enhance their self-esteem and foster healthy relationships.

Fair play is a fundamental principle that underpins all children’s sports activities. We emphasize the importance of fair play and provide clear guidelines on acceptable standards of behavior to all participants. Our aim is to cultivate an atmosphere where fair play is valued and upheld at all times.

Creating a quality atmosphere and ethos is essential in children’s sports. We strive to provide a safe, positive, and encouraging environment where young athletes can thrive and develop their skills. By fostering such an atmosphere, we enable them to reach their full potential.

Competition is an integral part of tennis, and we encourage its inclusion in a manner that is appropriate for the age and skill level of each child. We maintain a child-centered ethos to ensure that competition and specialization are balanced and kept in their rightful place.

At BLTC, we believe in equality for all children. Regardless of their ability, age, gender, religion, social and ethnic background, or political persuasion, every child is valued and treated equitably and fairly.

    Should you have any questions or concerns regarding child protection, we encourage you to reach out to our club staff through any of the preferred contact methods.

    Thank you for your ongoing support in our commitment to safeguarding children and promoting their well-being in the world of sports.

    Our Designated

    Child Protection Officers

    Female Child Protection Officer

    Denise Fenton

    Male Child Protection Officer

    Ede Szemmeiroth

    Designated Liaison Officer

    Barry Nagle

    Downloadable Documents

    Tennis Ireland Safeguarding Policies

    You can download the copy of the Tennis Ireland Safeguarding Policies and Procedures by clicking here

    BLTC Safeguarding Policies

    You can download the copy of the BLTC Safeguarding Policies and Procedures by clicking here

    Child Risk Assessment

    To access the latest Child Risk Assessment Run by the club which is an requirement under section 11 of the Children first Act 2015, click here