New, Smart club cloud App, instructions

Dear Members,

I am pleased to announce an exciting new feature. Smart Club Cloud has developed a new app that will significantly enhance your experience with our club's facilities.

The most notable feature of the app is the ability to control the lights directly from your phone. This means you will no longer need to tap your card at the meters, although this option will still be available for those who prefer it.

Please find attached detailed instructions on how to download and use the app. I have thoroughly tested the new features to ensure a smooth transition. However, if you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me at

In addition to controlling the lights, the app offers all the functionalities previously available on the website, These include paying membership fees, enrolling in events such as club nights, booking junior coaching sessions, and topping up your account. You can also book a court from the new app. The app also features a contacts page, allowing you to easily connect with fellow members and even transfer money from one light purse to another. 

To Download, from your iPhone or Samsung go to their app stores and search from Smart Club Solutions app. Download, and log in with your smart club cloud login details and you are ready to go. Further instructions are in the attached document. 

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you enjoy the convenience of our new app



Written by BLTC Staff Member

Let us inspire, unite, and bring out your best on the court. Trust our experienced professionals to make your time at BLTC unforgettable.

June 05, 2024

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