Your Club Needs You – completing our Main Committee line up for 2022

Dear BLTC members,


We refer you back to our communication on Feb 4th where we circulated the minutes of our 2021 AGM to all members along with a supporting materials pack including a copy of our new Operating Model.   The 2022 Operating Model is designed to help us build on our past successes, absorb lessons learned and make it easier to run a Club that is growing constantly and has been over-reliant on a small number of individual volunteers to do the bulk of the work on behalf of all members for a long time.   In fact in the new Operating Model,  there are approximately 40 contributing roles spanning main committee and sub-committee functions which should allow us to do a lot more for the Club and each other in a more aligned fashion with a lot less workload falling on any single individual.    We don’t consider this target number of 40 as too ambitious within a Club that has well over 400 adult members


The great news is that, post AGM,  we have already assigned 28 members, who have put their names forward, into specific roles towards this target;   unlike the Premier League transfer market deadlines,  the sign-on fees are non-existent but all of our enlisted members are ready and committed to the collective cause in 2022.     Our plan is to fill most of the remaining roles before the end of this month and then circulate a ‘who is who’ and ‘best way to contact’ update to all our members.    Many hands make light work and the door is definitely not closing at the end of the month even if we fill every role we have in mind currently – we will never turn away any offer to help  J


A high priority for us at this stage is to fill all the positions in our Main (or General) Committee.  There are 12 roles within the Main Committee as part of our Op Model for 2022 and we have 10 of those now filled with the first monthly meeting of this Club leadership group scheduled for this Monday evening Feb 28th.    We are looking to fill two open roles of (1) Club Secretary and (2) Social & Events Lead as soon as possible.   You can see the high level oversight areas associated with these functions in the attached slides.   Oversight is the important term here and there is already plenty of help in place  – for example, within the Secretary’s office, the Membership Registration and Renewals process is fully automated and we have an existing admin support resource plus tech support for each system in place  – we also have a number of other members who are interested in contributing in these areas but not necessarily leading them.   


If any adult members feels that they have the skills to oversee either of these functions, have a little bit of free time and are interested in being part of the main BLTC Committee at the start of a very exciting year ahead (or would just like to understand a bit more about the roles first),    we would love to hear from you a.s.a.p. at either or .     


Best wishes for 2022 on behalf of the almost complete Bishopstown Lawn Tennis Club 2022 Committee J


Niamh Hennessy – Chair

Declan Forde – Vice Chair

Written by BLTC Staff Member

Let us inspire, unite, and bring out your best on the court. Trust our experienced professionals to make your time at BLTC unforgettable.

February 24, 2022

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