Winter League Phase 2

Dear Members,


There has been a small number of queries coming into our Club admin email and also directly to our Head Coach in recent days on the status of Winter League Phase 2 Team Selections and how the selection process was carried out.   There was also an email sent out from Dawn Caldwell to the members that expressed interest in WL phase 2 yesterday,  listing all of the WL Phase 2 teams which were entered in time for the December 31st 2021 deadline.  A copy of this email is attached underneath this message


In mid-November, the Main Committee met to discuss some guiding principles (pillars) for the WL Phase 2 selection process and a number of different proposals were put on the table.  There was some disagreement but, at a subsequent meeting at the end of November,  the Committee members agreed on a proposal that was acceptable to all.  One of the items included in the proposal put forward by Dawn and by Marianne (our Vice Captain) was that they should be the ones to elect the WL Phase 2 Selection Sub Committee and lead the selection process through December 2021.   In 2022, the Club will be introducing a new Captain’s Office as part of our future operating model and this new Office, appropriately staffed, would have responsibility for all official Club Team selections going forward.   The Main Committee signed off on the WL Phase 2 selection proposal from Dawn and Marianne as an interim step in the right direction.  Beyond this, the Main Committee has had little or no input into the detailed workings of the selection sub-committee.   It would be much appreciated therefore if you could direct any specific questions you may have on the process to Dawn ( or to Marianne ( )


We would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our participating team members, including those who will no doubt be called on as substitutes,  the very best in this upcoming competition and hopefully the Club can bring home some overdue Munster Tennis senior silverware.   Very best wishes also to our Grade 5 Blue team who are playing Lakewood in the semi-finals of the Winter League Phase 1 competition on Saturday 8th January.





Many thanks


Joe Murray

Chairman BLTC



From: Luke murray <>
Sent: Monday 3 January 2022 17:25
Subject: Fwd: Winter League Teams


Hi Everyone,


I was asked by Dawn to forward the following final 10 teams selected for the winter league this year to represent BLTC, congratulations to all selected. 

Regards, Luke


Congratulations! You have been selected to represent BLTC in the Winter League Phase2 which will commence in February. Please see the details of all teams entered below.



Sam West, Cillian Reidy, Denis Buckley, Brayden Peck.


Una O Callaghan, Eleanor Lapthorne, Denise Fenton, Jill Shinnick


Carmel McCarthy, Jamie Lok, Jennifer O Brien, Helen Farragher. 


Rory Murphy, Rory O'Broin, Jurgen Bukowski, Jurgen Werner. 


Siobhan ODriscoll, Dawn Caldwell, Betty Murphy, Ann Moriarty.


Jennifer Kearney, Susan Evans, Marianne Quill, Annette Kelly


Declan Forde, Kevin Baker, Glen Lyons, David Walsh


Cathy Murray, Eithne McCoy, Laura O Neill, Bernie Whelan


Velina Meledzhieva,  Ger Hall,  Gemma Devine, Emma O'Connell 


Donagh Callanan, Jim Bikoulis, Tim ONeill, Jihan Li


Kind Regards

The Selection Committee

Dawn Caldwell BLTC Captain

Marianne Quill BLTC Vice-Captain

Dareen Keane

Colin Davis

Donal O'Donovan

Written by BLTC Staff Member

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January 06, 2022

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