Winter League Competition 2022 


Dear All Members,

After a very successful summer of members participating in tournaments, it’s that time of year again to express your interest to take part in the Winter League competition (Mixed Teams) or in one of the two new additional events mentioned below. 

Munster Tennis is running the same format as last year so Phase 1 will be a Mixed Teams competition with each team shall consist of 2 ladies and 2 men with subs required for each team entered. Exact dates TBC (estimated to start late October & run until Jan 2023).

Each fixture in this competition will consist of the following matches: 1 x Men’s Singles; 1 x Ladies Singles; 1 x Mixed Doubles followed by 1 x Men’s Doubles and 1 x Ladies Doubles. This event shall be run on a combination league/knockout draw basis with all teams in each group playing each other once.

This year the league is to be expanded again to offer more choice and therefore increase the number of potential teams & players. One of the main changes is the addition of 2 special events: The Over 65 Team event (Mixed Doubles only) and The Over 75 Team event (Mixed Doubles only). For these events only it will be possible to combine clubs to make a team as long as there are 2 players from one club. The rest of the League competition at all grades/divisions is under the normal rules.

Anyone interested in putting their name forward to be considered for selection on a team, please complete your details on the following link, the deadline for submitting your name is Friday 23rd September;

Kind regards,

BLTC Committee 

Written by BLTC Staff Member

Let us inspire, unite, and bring out your best on the court. Trust our experienced professionals to make your time at BLTC unforgettable.

September 15, 2022

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