Why you should join a tennis club near you

There are numerous article / blog post on why you should start playing tennis, we agree to all of them. Here is our summarised version to why we think you should play tennis or join a tennis club near you.

Tennis is a very popular sport in all around the around and irrespective what your age is it’s never too late in life to pick-up a racket, hit the courts and learn the basics, in short its a long-life sports.

First Timer

Tennis has a game can be taken as a sport or go causal(social) as a recreational activity with friends and family. If you are a beginner and thinking of playing tennis, like any learning for first time will be a challenge. Tennis is a pretty simple sport once you get the hang of it. If you have a friend and family playing the sport, join them and learn a few basics of the game, or you could enroll for few tennis lessons in the club near you.

If you start playing tennis relatively early and continually improve your game, you are already a champion, all the wins rack up decades is only improving your game of one of the most beautiful and challenging sports ever created.


Apart from trying a hand on the sport, there are health benefits[1][2] playing tennis like

  • Strengthen your heart & reduces risk on cardiovascular disease.
  • If weight loss is your personal goal, try a hand in tennis, this game is a full body workout.
  • Strengthen’s your bone and muscles
  • Playing outdoor tennis helps in Vitamin D, which is very vital in Ireland.
  • Improves reaction time
  • Reduces stress
  • etc

For those of you who haven’t tried tennis, we would encourage you to give it a try. And if you already play tennis, remember the reasons why it is so advantageous so you are motivated to keep playing.

Join a club

Tennis is a social sport, join a club near you and spend some time knowing other who are interested in the game. Bishoptown Lawn Tennis Club (BLTC) is one of Cork’s leading tennis clubs well known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. BLTC has 6 outdoor floodlit artificial grass tennis courts and for socialising with friends and family we do have a clubhouse with changing facilities, function/meeting room and kitchen.

All levels of tennis ability are catered for beginner, social and competitive with the club participating in and holding junior, senior and veteran competitions. New members are always welcome so have a look around our website or drop into the club!.

Interested check out our membership page for more information or contact our club staffs.

NOTE: If you have pre-existing illness or injury. Talk to a doctor to avoid further complications.

Written by BLTC Staff Member

Let us inspire, unite, and bring out your best on the court. Trust our experienced professionals to make your time at BLTC unforgettable.

July 23, 2020

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