WhatsApp and Future club Communication

To all of our BLTC senior members, 

As part of our new Operating Model in 2022,  we will be focusing on enhanced communications where beneficial.   One of the tools that some of our sub-committees may leverage to a greater extent is WhatsApp  (for example – more timely or efficient broadcast messages to parents on Junior Coaching activities).    Naturally this requires that our Secretary’s Office would provide the mobile numbers of specific members to a specific sub-committee for a specific purpose.     We realize that there are already WhatsApp group chats & channels being used by our members.    Before any additional use of WhatsApp as a communication tool (should an opportunity presents itself) , we want to give any member the opportunity to opt out.     If you would prefer that we do not make your contact number (from our membership database) available to one of our sub-committee leads in 2022,  please drop a quick note to admin@bltc.ie at any stage and we will be happy to adhere to your wishes.    

As always,  all of the personal data that we collect as part of your Club membership applications / renewals is used strictly for Tennis purposes.   

Best Regards 

The BLTC Committee

Written by BLTC Staff Member

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February 23, 2022

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