Vets/Masters tournament 21st – 23rd Oct

Hi All,

As you maybe aware Bishopstown are hosting the Vets/Masters tournament next weekend from Friday 21st (evening) to Sunday 23rd Oct.

This year the Vets is open to all players over 30 years of age so although the tournament categories are based on age not grade it still is a good opportunity for our own club players to enter for experience.

There is one Mixed Doubles category which is graded (not based on age) & that is Mixed Doubles 4/5s combined so we have a lot of club players who would be more than capable of playing in this competition.

The other categories are self explanatory (all based on age) apart from Mixed Doubles 80+, 110+ &125+ which means that as long as both players' ages are combined to over 80, 110 or 125 they can enter to play Mixed Doubles.

Entries are still open & closing this Sunday night (16th Oct) so please follow the link below to submit your entry:

Any questions regarding this tournament please don't hesitate to contact our Club Captain Rosita.

Kind regards,

BLTC Committee

Written by BLTC Staff Member

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October 14, 2022

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