Tennis Pilates course starting on MONDAY 7th NOV

Dear Members, 

We are delighted to announce we will be running another six-week tennis pilates course starting on MONDAY 7th NOV at 6.45 pm. The cost for the six-week course will be €72. The places fill up fast so the advice is to book early. 

Also, pilates instructor Marc Smith is offering our members at Bishopstown Lawn Tennis Club a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss how he might help you achieve your goals, whether it is coming back from injury, improving their strength and fitness for tennis, or being generally fitter and healthier. “We will discuss what works best for you, whether personal training or a program to follow on our app, we will design a program that is goal driven and tailored to what you want to achieve.”

You can contact Marc on 0879799030 to arrange a consultation.

What is Pilates:

Pilates is a regime of exercises performed in a sequence that allows the body to move in different planes of motion while engaging the core muscles. It is based on 10 key points: Awareness, Balance, Breath, Concentration, Centre, Control, Efficiency, Flow, Precision, and Harmony. These 10 principles are incorporated into our class to incorporate a full body workout.  While the abdominals and core muscles are vital, Pilates builds a balance of strength and flexibility throughout the body. 

By adding Pilates to your training program you will:

Improve Posture

Improve Body Awareness

Improve your Flexibility

Increased muscle strength

Improved balance

Stronger Core Muscles

Increased Tone

Playing tennis involves twisting, turning, and moving in different directions, which can result in imbalances throughout the body. It requires rotation and extension of the spine and can create pressure on the shoulders, hips, and knees. So it's not surprising that tennis players have a high rate of shoulder, back, knee, and ankle injuries associated with playing tennis. Pilates can help reduce these injuries and help you feel better and stronger on the court. 

How does the Pilates class work?

Classes are divided into beginner and intermediate/Advanced classes. If you haven't done pilates before starting at beginners is advisable. This will give you an understanding of the moves and how to perform them correctly using the correct technique. It is also the best place to start if you are suffering from any injuries or just returning to play from an injury. 

Intermediate/Advanced classes will flow from one exercise to the next, participants should have a good knowledge of Pilates (at least 12 weeks) and be able to perform a Roll-up, reverse roll over, and modified teaser. 

Both classes will work on balancing out the muscles so there is not an overdevelopment of one side. We will strengthen the deep abdominal core muscles to help with that winning shot and increase strength through the serve. We will address tight immobile upper back and shoulders and lengthen the tight frontal muscles of the torso to increase the range of motion and power. 

Instructor: Marc Smith

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer who has worked with a wide variety of people of the past 20 years, from Olympians to the person looking to be a fitter healthier version of themselves, I have worked with them all. 

Registration for Tennis Pilates will open at 9 am on Friday 21st of Oct. To register follow the link below.

Many thanks, 


Written by BLTC Staff Member

Let us inspire, unite, and bring out your best on the court. Trust our experienced professionals to make your time at BLTC unforgettable.

October 20, 2022

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