Reminder BLTC 2024 Plan

Reminder: Hi Everyone,

We would like to invite those who are willing to volunteer for these Junior events in 2024 to attend a meeting upstairs in the BLTC clubhouse Monday Dec 4th (tonight) at 7pm.

Our proposal for 2024 is that we will start a weekly Junior Club night similar to the adults club night called “Super Saturdays” each week from 5-7pm but we might go a little earlier for the Red/Orange ball players e.g. 3pm/4pm start given their age profile. Ideally with some optional social time for the juniors upstairs after to play pool, hangout, etc.

We propose that these events will not run during Jan/July/Aug.

Saturday is the day we are picking as the club is busy on Sundays with adult winter league/summer cup competitions during the year & weekdays are full in the evening.

For this to work we will need quite a few volunteers, the rough plan is outlined below. All we are looking for is 2-3hrs each month from those that volunteer to each ball colour group or the group could rotate events between themselves.

We also plan to host a junior close competition at the end of Easter Holidays.

The club will:

a. Book the courts, clubhouse, suggest format of games & equipment (Balls, tape, etc)

b. Manage the sign-in admin via current google sheets or else use the same process as adult club night.

c. We plan to have 4 Super Saturdays each month, one for each colour grouping i.e. RED, ORANGE, YELLOW 1, YELLOW 2 (Includes Green Ball players).

c. The volunteers will run the events. Suggested numbers for each colour.

– Min. 6-8 Volunteers to manage the RED Ball comp every month

– Min. 3-4 Volunteers to manage the Orange Ball comp every month

– Min. 3-4 Volunteers to manage the Yellow Ball 1 comp every month

– Min. 3-4 Volunteers to manage the Yellow Ball 2 (Including Green) comp every month

If we get sufficient volunteers we will implement the above plan in 2024, if not we will arrange a few ad-hoc tournaments as per 2023.

Thank you

BLTC Juniors Parents Group 2023

Written by BLTC Staff Member

Let us inspire, unite, and bring out your best on the court. Trust our experienced professionals to make your time at BLTC unforgettable.

December 04, 2023

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