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Hi Everyone,


Hope I find you all well. In the absence of an AGM,  I just want to provide you with a quick update on our current BLTC Committee and roles.  This was an unusual year and we decided not to have an AGM until such time as we can all get into a room together again.  Usually, we elect Club officers on the night but, with no AGM possible and a few urgent positions open on the Committee,  we decided to use the mandate given to us and CO-OPT new Committee Members for the rest of this year.   Freda, Ann, Patricia, and Martin have stepped down and I would like to thank them for all of their support and contributions over the last two years. 


I'm delighted to introduce the new members to our committee for 2021.  


Ed O'Sullivan is a Revenue Officer by trade and will be taking on the role of Treasurer,  As you can imagine, finance management & governance go hand in hand with Ed’s skillsets and we are delighted to place the club's financial oversight in such good hands.  Ed is also a qualified Barrister.


Niamh Hennessy is our new Club PRO.    Niamh has worked in the media & public relations area for a long time and will be a huge asset to the Club as we grow and develop.  Niamh has also agreed to help out with the writing of a booklet on the history of the club so she may be calling on a few of our more senior members when the COVID situation allows it.


Declan Forde has accepted my request to support me as Club Vice-chairperson.  Declan brings substantial business, systems, and organizational experience to the table after spending many years in a variety of leadership roles for a global Corporation.  Declan and his wife Shivaun have also contributed significantly to the Club over the last 15 months chairing our Covid Compliance Sub-Committee activities and Shivaun will continue to act as our Covid Compliance Officer for the rest of 2021


Marianne quill has agreed to take on the role of Vice-Captain, a role that Freda used to hold,  and will be supporting Dawn Caldwell.  Marianne is a  solicitor by trade and has been a great asset to the club with legal advice over the last three years.



Below is a breakdown of the current committee members in alphabetic order and BLTC specific mail contact details for relevant correspondence


Name                              Role                                 E-Mail address

Dennis Buckley               Club Secretary    

Dawn Caldwell               Club Captain.       

Declan Forde                  Vice-Chairperson

Shivaun Forde                Covid Compliance Officer

Niamh Hennessy           Club PRO

Rosita Murphy               Club Events and Fundraising

Joe Murray                     Chairperson        

Mick O'Brien                  Club Events and fundraising

Ed O'Sullivan                  Club Treasurer   

Marianne Quill               Club Vice-Captain

Conor Twomey              Head coach         


On the administration side,  we also have a new role in place to handle general administration tasks for the club and to provide the necessary support to all of our members and the Committee.  Luke Murray will be working two hours a day Monday to Friday from 10 AM to midday and will respond to your emails during these times.  To contact Luke please use the following email address. 


Luke Murray                   Club Admin              


Carmel McCarthy is still managing our court booking software for us having transitioned from AceBook;   please direct all questions relating to CM365 booking system to Carmel by email on 


Carmel McCarthy           CM365 admin           


Thank you everyone for your time.

Kind regards,


Written by BLTC Staff Member

Let us inspire, unite, and bring out your best on the court. Trust our experienced professionals to make your time at BLTC unforgettable.

June 01, 2021

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