Latest COVID Complience update for BLTC

To Bishopstown Lawn Tennis Club Members


In line with previous communications,  we want to ensure that all of our members are fully informed on latest COVID compliance guidelines from Tennis Ireland and continue to abide by same.    Tennis Ireland published the latest version of their ‘return to play’ protocols in mid September,  effective September 20th.    As always,  this document can be found on the TI website (link below) and we have also attached a copy of same.   Again we would ask that you take time to read this;  please feel free to contact any member of our BLTC Covid 19 Compliance sub-committee or main committee if you have any specific questions.   One of the main changes from the previous version is that changing rooms can now be used (with 50% of normal capacity).   While we have re-opened our own Club changing rooms,  we would ask that you use them only if completely necessary.   The upstairs area of our Club house can now be used for selective meetings/events (again with restricted numbers)  – please respect all indoor meeting guidelines and continue to stay safe. 


Again just to reiterate that online bookings are mandatory in line with our own COVID 19 tracking procedures and all correct names must be included in each court booking made through our Club Manager 365 Online booking system.   Where a member invites a guest,  the visitor’s name must be included in the Court booking (via Guest) and the contact details logged in the guest register in reception on the day.  


We hope everyone continues to enjoy your tennis and that you also participate in our upcoming BLTC Closed event


xxxxxx on behalf of the Bishopstown Lawn Tennis Club Committee


Written by BLTC Staff Member

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October 11, 2021

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