Hope I find you all well.

As we have now changed our booking software we can no longer use acebook for clubnight booking. We will now use smartclub. If you log into smart club under the EVENTS tile you will see the option to book a slot in clubnight. This won’t appear until 9am the previous Saturday, so tomorrow. There are a few differences.

1, The cost of clubnigth is still 5 euro but now when you book a slot you will be charged, so no more bringing money on the night.
2, There is no option to drop out i’m afraid, I know this is not ideal but we have no choice with this.
2, Once all places are taken, the clubnight event will show sold out and give you an option to join the waitlist.

If you want to drop out you will need to find a sub and you can do this by checking the waitlist. I’m afraid the only way to check the waitlist is to call Dawn and she can give you a name to contact. I know this is a nuisance but it’s all we have at the moment.I will try figure out a better way of doing this in the future.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at and i’ll help you out.

Joe on behalf of BLTC Committee

Written by BLTC Staff Member

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September 25, 2020

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