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To BLTC Members


Just to keep everyone updated on status of our Courts and Lights maintenance and upgrade plans through the end of this year


1.       Regarding our Flood light issues on Court 1,  our new lights supplier has not been able to expedite sourcing of the new LED lights for Court 1 only.     We have activated Plan B and electricians were on site early on Saturday morning.    The positive news is that the fault has been identified and isolated which has brought two of the three non-working floodlights back into action.   We will be unblocking Court 1 bookings shortly and making it available as long as Members appreciate that the middle light on the left hand side will be out of action while we source some hardtoget spare parts

2.       We are working on execution plans for phase 1 of our revised development plan.      As of now we expect to have brand new LED lights on all six courts plus a new Carpet on Court 1 before the end of this year.    This is naturally subject to our Suppliers getting delivery on schedule of key components and also the weather gods being kind to us in December

3.       We are conscious of Court Maintenance for Courts 2 to 6 as we won’t have new Carpets on these until 2024 (ref Development Plan timelines).    Court Care will be on site this coming Thursday 16th between 8am and 3pm for some surface cleaning and sanding work.   We have blocked out the relevant Courts in line with their planned schedule


Best regards

The BLTC Committee

Written by BLTC Staff Member

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November 13, 2023

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