Court 1 Lights Update

Dear BLTC Members,


Just a quick note to keep you informed on the Court 1 lights situation.     The timing of the issue that has taken out the four floodlights on the left hand side of Court 1 is very frustrating seeing as we are currently finalising plans to install new LED lights on all six courts within the next 4/5 weeks –  we are very conscious of wasting Club funds unnecessarily if the existing issue proves complex and expensive to fix in the meantime.


We are investigating and exploring all options right now including the possibility of expediting the delivery and installation of the new LED lights on Court 1 only.   Right now Court 1 is blocked out from 6pm to 10pm in our Court Booking system until we confirm the best path forward.    We will know more by the end of this week and we will keep you informed


Best regards


The BLTC Committee

Written by BLTC Staff Member

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November 08, 2023

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