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Dear members,

We have the opportunity to run another TENNIS PILATES course on WEDNESDAY evenings from 7.15pm to 8.15pm with Marc. The course will begin on Wednesday week, 1st of march for six weeks. The cost for the 6 sessions will be €72.

However we will need a minimum of eight people in order to run the course. If we do not reach the min of eight people by Sunday 26th Feb we will not run the course and you will be refunded.

Members will have first priority on booking for the next few days after which we will open it to non-members if needed. We have a maximum of 12 places available.

To enrol please follow this link:


Pilates can provide a number of benefits for tennis players, including:

Improved core strength: Pilates focuses on strengthening the deep abdominal and back muscles, which can help tennis players improve their stability and balance on the court.

Increased flexibility: Pilates exercises can help increase flexibility and range of motion in the hips, legs, and back, which can help tennis players improve their strokes and footwork.

Better posture: Pilates can help improve posture, which can help tennis players maintain proper form and technique while playing.

Reduced injury risk: Pilates can help reduce the risk of injury by helping to correct muscle imbalances and promoting better movement patterns.

Stress Relief: Pilates can help players to relax and reduce stress and tension, which will help them to focus on the game and play better.

Mind-body connection: Pilates emphasises the connection between the mind and body, which can help tennis players improve their focus and awareness on the court.

Written by BLTC Staff Member

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February 20, 2023

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