BLTC Juniors Super Sunday 3 Entry is now Open!!!

Date: Sunday Mar 7th 2023. 

Time: 3pm-6:15pm. 

Entry closes Apr 28th 8pm. €2 Entry. 

Same sign-up process as last month (See below). 

NOTE: This is GREEN BALL SINGLES & YELLOW BALL DOUBLES competition ONLY. This competition is limited to 3hrs. The June Super Sunday will be dedicated to RED & ORANGE BALL players.

Download google sheets to your phone/tablet to tick your child(s) name or update using this link on your computer browser. If your child's name is missing, this is due to one of 3 reasons: 

[a] Not meeting minimum criteria (serve, rally, count scores).

[b] Excluded as too strong for this particular Super Sunday competition. 

[c] Admin mistake. 

Any queries on your childs ball colour please ask your coach.


BLTC Juniors

Written by BLTC Staff Member

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April 21, 2023

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