BLTC AGM Feb 2022, MInutes, Documents and reports

Dear BLTC Member, 


Attached for your information is a copy of the minutes from our latest Club AGM on Feb 2nd, hosted virtually.     Also at the bottom of this email you will find a link to all of the documents that were already shared with the AGM attendees (many of these documents are referenced in the meeting minutes).  The table underneath the link summarises the full list of documents available for you .  

I have officially stepped down as Chairperson at the AGM and handed over responsibility to Niamh Hennessy .   By implication,  this is my last general communication to all members as Chairperson after 3 years in the role so a bit of a strange feeling as I write this.  I'd like to offer best wishes to Niamh and her team. I feel the club is in great hands, and I'm very excited about the year ahead for BLTC.  

I am aware that some members were disappointed that they missed the deadline to register for the AGM, We sent an email to all members, posted the event on our website homepage and put up a notice in the clubhouse;   perhaps I could have sent out a final reminders to everyone as the registration deadline approached but it was a pretty busy time for all of us as you can see from the material provided and I hope you can understand that.   We had decided, unanimously,  at our Committee meeting in December to have a virtual AGM around the end of January,  primarily due to the challenges of COVID 19.   We then put detailed plans in place to make this happen driven by the AGM agenda that we had in mind.    Certain agenda items required that the AGM attendees voted on specific resolutions including some proposed changes to our existing constitution and also the election of certain Club officers for 2022.   We were obliged to have all supporting documentation (including officer reports) in the hands of the AGM attendees two weeks before the event and  this is why we imposed a members deadline of Jan 14th for official registration.   We wanted to make sure that all confirmed attendees had the documentation in good time to review same and also to give ourselves enough lead time subsequently to collect votes, questions and motions and to tabulate or consolidate everything before the meeting itself.   

It is a very positive time for our Club;   I am confident that the 2021 officers and general committee are passing on the baton to a very capable team in 2022 that will continue to lead us forward and represent the interests of all our members and stakeholder groups to good effect.     We encourage all of our members to take time to read the material and to submit any questions to


Wishing all of us in BLTC a very successful tennis year ahead both on the court and off the court 


Best regards 


Joe Murray






 Conor Twomeys Junior Report

Conor talking points Karl

Conor’s response to submitted question.

 BLTC constitution pre 2022

 BLTC constitution pre 2022

Proposed Constitution Changes Background

Rationale for further Constitution modernisation

 Updated BLTC Constitution 2022

Proposed BLTC Constitution version for 2022


Graphs showing results of voting for each of six key BLTC constitution changes  for 2022


 Dawns captains report

 BLTC Operating Model 2022 Presentation

 Declans future operating model for the committee


 Ed's treasurers report for accounts 2021

 FS_2021 (PDF).pdf

 BLTC accounts 2021


 BLTC accounts 2020, for comparison


 Joes Chairpersons report


 Minutes from the last AGM in 2020, prepared by Marianne


 Minutes from the AGM in Feb 2022, prepared by Shivaun





Written by BLTC Staff Member

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February 04, 2022

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