Utility Costs and Lights

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With the ongoing instability in the world associated with Brexit, global supply chain problems, and now the Ukraine war we just did a review of the utility costs for the club.  Probably not a surprise to many that our electricity costs have gone from .20 per KWH to .37 per KWH in a short period (almost doubled) and are likely to increase further.


This is a significant rise and I'm afraid we will need to pass on some of the discretionary costs to our members;   specifically we will need to increase the cost from 2 euros to 3 euros per tap at the light meters in the Club house.   With the recent summertime clock change,  we feel that this will not be a big impact for any of our members.   We are also hoping to have the new lights installed by the time winter comes along again – these should be cheaper to run and  we hope to pass this saving back to you at that point.  The increase in court light costs will start from the 1st of April and applies to all cards,  juniors and seniors.


We have also seen a large increase in our gas price but we will not be passing this on to the membership.   We do ask that people use the boost button instead of the on-button when turning on the gas (upstairs in the kitchen area) and to use it sparingly.   In general, we would ask that,  if you do turn on any of the heating or hot water appliances for a legitimate reason or event,  that you turn it off when you are finished.   In recent weeks  we discovered that the heating and hot water were left on all night on one occasion and the balcony electric heaters on another occasion.  We will keep a close eye on this as part of our regular nightly closing process and will put up some additional instructions in the Club house but we rely on all of our members to help us stay efficient and safe here. 


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The BLTC Committee

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March 30, 2022

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