BLTC Operating Model – Who is Who in 22

Dear BLTC Members,


Further to previous communications on our 2022 Operating Model post AGM,  we have been working very hard to fill the names in boxes with considerable success.    We promised you a full list of members’ names & roles spanning our main committee and sub-committees before the end of March and you can find this attached.   We now have close on 40 volunteer members signed up for specific roles in 2022 and many of them are already hitting the ground running.   This is fantastic and we thank each and every one of them for their commitment and their contributions already. 


Many of our members already know many of the names in the boxes and we urge you to reach out to the function leads or sub-committee names on any topics relevant to that specific function.    Also in the ‘About our Club’ section of the Club website (,  you will find email addresses for many of the main Committee members.    Feedback is always welcomed


We are very excited about what we can achieve together through the rest of this year for the benefit of the Club and all its’ members;  there are still some openings for additional volunteers if any member wants to make contact with us.  


Best wishes on behalf of the BLTC 2022 General Committee


Niamh Hennessy,  Chair

Written by BLTC Staff Member

Let us inspire, unite, and bring out your best on the court. Trust our experienced professionals to make your time at BLTC unforgettable.

March 31, 2022

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