Hi Everyone,

We have been reviewing the use of the guest option when booking courts and have found that the rules around bringing guests to the club are not being followed correctly. We are sending this email today to remind people of the procedure about bringing guests to the club.

We welcome guests to the club however for child safety we need to have the contact details of the guest, the member that brought them, and the time and date of their visit. This is why we have put the GUEST PROCEDURE  in place.

1. When booking a court select the “guest” option when selecting your opponent. Fill in the guest's name in the field.  
2. When you arrive at the club, before your game please fill in the visitor book on the desk in the lobby of the clubhouse, this is required for child safety.   

3. Place 5 euros in one of the envelopes provided and put your name and date on the envelope.    

4. Behind the counter on the wall there is a guest fee box, please place the envelope in this slot.




Written by BLTC Staff Member

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June 25, 2024

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